Hyundai Mobis Begins Construction of a Core Parts Plant for Electric Vehicles in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do

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Hyundai Mobis EV part plant

Hyundai Mobis begins construction of a core parts plant for electric vehicles in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do

Hyundai Mobis will build a core parts plant for eco-friendly cars in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do for the third time in Korea after plants in Chungju and Ulsan.

On the afternoon of August 26th, Hyundai Mobis announced at the Gyeonggi-do Office of Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do that it had signed an investment agreement ceremony for the establishment of the factory with Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, Mayor Jang Jeong-seon Pyeongtaek, and Hyundai Mobis President Park Jeong-guk attended.

The new factory in Pyeongtaek is located in Poseung District (BIX) in Pyeongtaek within the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone, and the site is 16,726m2 (about 5,000 pyeong), and Hyundai Mobis invests 35.5 billion won to start construction in September. From the second half of next year, it plans to mass-produce 150,000 EV-specific module parts per year.

Hyundai Mobis’ investment in the Pyeongtaek plant is in line with the company’s future car response strategy, which has been pursuing leading the EV core parts market amid the unpredictable global business environment such as Corona 19. Hyundai Mobis expects to achieve a paradigm shift to electrified vehicles with preemptive investments and secure future car competitiveness.

In order to localize eco-friendly car core parts and establish a large-scale mass production system, Hyundai Mobis began the construction of a plant dedicated to electric vehicle core parts in Chungju in 2013, Chungju Plant 2 in 2018, and a plant dedicated to electric vehicle core parts in Ulsan last year. have.

This new plant in Pyeongtaek is the first electric vehicle core parts plant to enter the metropolitan area after Chungju and Ulsan. It is expected to create synergies such as product development and logistics efficiency by forming a tripod between Chungju and Ulsan, the existing eco-friendly car factory of Hyundai Mobis. It is only about 13km away from the Hwaseong plant of Kia Motors.

Hyundai Mobis plans to produce and supply PE modules and chassis modules (undercarriage parts for the front and rear wheels) incorporating key parts for electric vehicles (motors, inverters, reducers, etc.) at the Pyeongtaek plant.

The PE module is a driving component that plays the role of the engine of existing internal combustion vehicles and is a core component optimized for electric vehicle models. Demand is increasing rapidly with the recent increase in vehicle types. First of all, Hyundai Mobis plans to secure a production capacity of 150,000 units next year, and expand its production facilities to supply PE modules up to 300,000 units by 2026.

Jeong-Hwan Jeong, Managing Director of Hyundai Mobis Module BU, explained, “With the expansion of the global electric vehicle market, we will develop a smart factory that can lead the industry standard with flexible production systems and the latest facilities that can be applied by segment.”

With this, Hyundai Mobis has established a position to lead the future car market by establishing three major eco-friendly vehicle core parts production bases connecting Pyeongtaek, Chungju, and Ulsan. The necessary R&D investment is also continuously strengthened. In particular, it is focusing on developing a chassis module and smart cabin (built-in) platform specialized for autonomous driving and electric vehicles.

To this end, Hyundai Mobis executed about 50% of the R&D investment planned at the beginning of this year in the first half of last year, even in an unclear business environment. It has been said to invest.S

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