Hyundai Motor Aims to Establish Seoul as a Hydrogen Mobility Leader With a Fleet of 1300 Hydrogen Buses

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hyundai motor aims to establish seoul as a hydrogen mobility leader with a fleet of 1300 hydrogen buses

Hyundai Motor Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Environment, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, SK E&S, and T Map Mobility to transition the city’s bus fleet, including airport and commuter buses, to hydrogen fuel cell buses. The agreement is part of the efforts to transform Seoul into a leading hydrogen mobility city.

The MOU was signed at a ceremony attended by key leaders from the involved organizations, including Hyundai Motor’s CEO Jang Jae-hoon, Environment Minister Han Hwa-jin, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, SK E&S President Choo Hyung-wook, and Tmap Mobility President Lee Jong-ho.

hyundai motor aims to establish seoul as a hydrogen mobility leader with a fleet of 1300 hydrogen buses

As part of the agreement, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to switch 1,300 public transportation vehicles, including 300 airport buses, to hydrogen buses by 2026. Five dedicated bus charging stations will also be constructed.

Hyundai Motor Company is committed to producing and supplying both low-floor and high-floor hydrogen buses, including airport buses, in a timely manner, according to Seoul’s conversion plan for 2026. SK E&S will focus on establishing a stable liquefied hydrogen production, supply, and charging infrastructure, while T Map Mobility will contribute to the early conversion of airport buses to hydrogen buses.

Hyundai’s CEO, Jang Jae-hoon, commented on the company’s ongoing efforts in promoting the development of hydrogen commercial vehicles and in establishing a comprehensive hydrogen energy value chain in South Korea. He expressed hope that the agreement will enable more people to appreciate the safety and environmental benefits of hydrogen buses in Seoul’s public transportation.

Hyundai’s hydrogen buses have the advantage of a shorter charging time than electric buses and a similar mileage to traditional combustion engine vehicles, making them ideal for public transportation. The company, which has been supplying hydrogen buses to Seoul since 2020, plans to expand hydrogen bus supply to airport buses within the year.

Hyundai is committed to expanding its production capacity and focusing on R&D for timely supply of hydrogen buses in the future.


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