Hyundai Motor Company Makes First Export of Hydrogen Nexo and Bus to Middle East Market

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  • Shipped Nexo·Electic FCEV through Ulsan Port on the 27th (Sun) and exported to Saudi Arabia
  • Planned to be used for demonstration projects such as pilot operation in Saudi Arabia in the future
  • The first overseas export case of hydrogen-electric buses… Approximately 430 km can be driven on a single fueling

Hyundai Motor Company has proven its advanced technology to lead the global eco-friendly car market by exporting hydrogen-electric vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 27th (Sun) that it had shipped a total of 4 units, including two hydrogen-electric cars’Nexo’ and two hydrogen-electric buses’Elexcity FCEV’, and exported to Saudi Arabia.

The’Nexo’ and’Electic FCEV’ shipped on that day will be delivered to Saudi Aramco, a global comprehensive energy and chemical company in Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai Motor Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Saudi Aramco in June of last year and decided to work together to expand the supply of hydrogen-electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia, and the Nexo’ and’Electic FCEV’ supplied this time will be used for demonstration projects.

This shipment is significant in that it was the first to export eco-friendly cars that use hydrogen as an energy source instead of petroleum to the Middle East.

In the case of the hydrogen-electric bus’Elexcity FCEV’, it achieved the feat of being the first overseas export through this supply to Saudi Arabia.

The hydrogen-electric bus “FCEV” exported this time is 10,995mm long, 2,490mm wide, 3,420mm tall, equipped with a fuel cell system with excellent performance and durability, and can run about 430km with a single charge.

Hyundai Motor Company plans to actively target the Middle East eco-friendly car market in the future while proving differentiated hydrogen electric vehicle technology through this export.

“It is meaningful to export hydrogen electric vehicles to Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil-producing country,” said Jeong Bang-seon, head of Hyundai Motors‘ headquarters in the Middle East region. “We will try in various ways to expand the supply of hydrogen-electric vehicles in the Middle East.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company is strengthening its global technological leadership in relation to the hydrogen industry, such as ▲ establishing the world’s first hydrogen-electric vehicle mass production system ▲ mass production of the world’s first hydrogen-electric heavy-duty truck ▲ exporting hydrogen fuel cell system to the non-automobile sector.


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