Hyundai Motor Expands its Commitment to Hydrogen with Agreement on Commercial Vehicles and Taxi’s

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Hyundai Commits Further to Hydrogen Main

Hyundai Motors and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Changwon City, Seoul Taxi Operator, Korea Automobile Research Institute, and the Hydrogen Fusion Alliance Promotion Group are promoting a pilot project to promote the distribution of hydrogen commercial vehicles and hydrogen taxis through multilateral cooperation.

Through this multilateral cooperation, Hyundai Motor plans to lay the foundation for the diffusion of hydrogen commercial vehicles and hydrogen taxis in the public sector, and further expand the hydrogen economy by expanding the experience of hydrogen-electric vehicles among the general public.

Hyundai Commits Further to Hydrogen 3

Trade Minister Sung Yun-mo, far left, and Hyundai Motor Group President Kong Young-woon, second from right, pose next to the fuel-cell truck that will be sent to the city of Changwon, South Gyeongsang, at the Korea Automotive Technology Institute in Cheonan, South Chungcheong, on Thursday

Hyundai Motors and the Ministry of Industry, Changwon City, and the Korea Automobile Research Institute will first conduct a pilot operation of a hydrogen truck for garbage collection in the Changwon area to commercialize and spread the 5-ton hydrogen truck.

Hyundai Motor Company and Korea Automobile Research Institute will also analyze the operation results of this pilot project and share it with partner companies to improve vehicle performance by improving durability.

Hyundai Motor Company is also planning to develop various business models using 5-ton trucks through pilot operation, commercialize medium-sized hydrogen trucks, and use them to check export competitiveness.

The Ministry of Industry decided to additionally discover and support R & D and demonstration projects to further improve the performance of the hydrogen truck while supporting the budget necessary for the pilot operation.

The 5-ton cleaning truck to be used in Changwon City was selected as a research project of the Ministry of Industry in 2017, and was developed with the participation of Hyundai Motors, its partner companies, and the Korea Automobile Research Institute. Tolerance).

The 5-ton truck that will be distributed to Changwon can drive up to 599 kilometers (372 miles) per charge under an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The city government of Changwon said it will establish necessary infrastructure such as hydrogen charging stations this year.

An official from Hyundai Motor Company said, “With the pilot operation of the hydrogen truck for garbage collection, we will continue to promote the replacement of hydrogen electric vehicles in commercial sectors such as road sweepers and sprinklers in the future and continue to increase the proportion of hydrogen commercial vehicles by spreading them to the private sector.”

Hyundai Motors will cooperate with the Ministry of Industry, the Korea Automobile Research Institute, the Seoul taxi company Daedeok Transport Co., Ltd. and Yoo Chang-Sang Co., Ltd., and the Hydrogen Convergence Alliance Promotion Team (H2KOREA) to pilot the hydrogen taxi in Seoul.

The taxi has a long driving distance in a short period of time compared to a general private vehicle, so durability performance is particularly important. Therefore, this pilot project focuses on empirical testing of the performance of key components such as fuel cell stacks, air and hydrogen supply devices, and heat management devices by operating hydrogen taxis in an environment at a practical road.

Under this agreement, Daedeok Transportation Co., Ltd., Seoul Metropolitan Government and Yoo Chang-Sang Co., Ltd., started piloting five NEXO hydrogen taxis each month and decided to actively cooperate in monitoring hydrogen taxis, including surveys of taxi drivers and taxi passengers.

At the same time today, a truck powered by a fuel cell will collect garbage and NEXO hydrogen taxis were delivered to taxi operators in Changwon and Seoul, where demonstrations will be carried out.



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