Hyundai Motors Delivers Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Bus to Jeonju City

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Hyundai Delivers First Hydrogen Bus 1

Hyundai Motor’s pollution-free, eco-friendly hydrogen-electric bus runs through downtown Jeonju with no emission of pollutants and even fine dust reduction.

On July 29th Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. held the delivery ceremony of the first hydrogen-electric bus at the Jeonju City Hall (Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk Province).

The hydrogen-electric bus delivered this time began was the first delivery of the hydrogen bus as part of the “Hyundai Motors- Jeonju City Hydrogen Electric City Bus Introduction MOU” signed in October last year.

Hyundai Motor Company plans to supply hydrogen electric buses sequentially to transportation companies operating in Jeonju, including Jeonju Express, starting with Honam Express, in line with the plan to introduce the city’s hydrogen-electric bus in Jeonju.

The hydrogen-electric bus delivered this time is equipped with a fuel cell system with improved performance and durability, and can travel about 450km on a single charge.

Purify the air

If one hydrogen-electric bus runs at 1 km, it can purify 4.863 kg of air. Assuming that it travels about 100,000 km per year, a total of 486,300 kg of air can be purified.

Jeonju City is planning to put the No. 1 hydrogen-electric bus into the existing bus line 103 from June 30th (Thu).

The 103 bus is a city bus line that runs from the nursery in Jeonju to the end of Songcheon-dong.

An official from Hyundai Motor Company said, “This introduction of the city bus will greatly contribute to promoting the excellent performance, high safety and eco-friendliness of the hydrogen-electric bus to citizens who may be unfamiliar with the hydrogen-electric bus. And we will continue to add to the opening of more hydrogen stations.”


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