Hyundai Motors Opens H-Incheon Hydrogen Refueling Station

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Hyundai HIncheon Hydrogen Station 1

-Incheon’s first hydrogen charging station… Hyundai Motor and SK Gas cooperated on the build
-More than 60 vehicles can be refueled, open 24/7. Improving the convenience of hydrogen refueling in the western region

“Contributing to the development of hydrogen society by supporting the supply of hydrogen-electric vehicles and the expansion of refueling infrastructure” 

Hyundai Incheon Hydrogen Station 2The ‘H hydrogen refueling station’ at the SK Happy Charging Nonhyeon charging station located in Namdong-gu has been built with the cooperation of SK Gas.

The H-Hydrogen Power Station is a refueling station that Hyundai Motors has built-in urban centers and highway rest areas to serve as a focal point for the expansion of hydrogen charging stations since last year.

‘H Incheon Hydrogen Refueling Station’ is part of a total of 8 hydrogen stations, including 4 urban centers (Busan, National Assembly, Incheon, Gangdong (planned)) that Hyundai had originally planned to build, and 4 highway rest areas (Yeju, Anseong, Haman, Hanam). It is the seventh station of the station.

‘H Incheon Hydrogen Station’ is the first hydrogen station in Incheon, which can refuel more than 60 hydrogen-electric vehicles in a total area of ​​216.86㎡, and operates from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week. It is expected to increase the convenience of hydrogen refueling.

An official of Hyundai Motor said, “We are looking forward to improving the economics and safety of hydrogen fueling stations through collaboration with SK Gas, who has experience in operating LPG filling stations.” We will do our best to expand the hydrogen refueling infrastructure. ”



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