Hyundai NEXO, First Vehicle with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Registered in Spain, Refuels at the Ajusa Hydrogen Station

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  • Don Quixote Hydrogen Station” is one of the five hydrogen stations currently in Spain. It is in Albacete.

The first hydrogen vehicle registered in Spain, Hyundai NEXO, has refueled at the hydrogen station 'Don Quixote Hydrogen Station',  at Ajusa Hydrogen Technologies. 

The Hyundai NEXO is the second fuel cell vehicle produced in mass by this brand. A 100% ecological vehicle, which feeds on hydrogen and which is at the forefront of cars powered by alternative energies.

“Don Quixote Hydrogen Station” is one of the five hydrogen stations currently in Spain, occupies an area of ​​2,000 m2 and is located in the province of Albacete, in the Ajusa Business Park. It  consists of a hydrogen production plant, a storage system and a fast fill dispenser with safety systems and necessary controls.

The new Hyundai NEXO and the vehicle developed by Ajusa Hydrogen Technologies ('Don Quixote Car') have also made a tour of the facilities of the Business Park to show its performance and efficiency. The technical manager of Hyundai, Juan Pedro García, has said that “hydrogen vehicles are rechargeable in less than five minutes”.

Hyundai NEXO is an example of the future of the automotive industry. This zero emission car, has a powerful engine that respects the environment, reaching an autonomy of 666 km on the highway and 800 km in the city. The director of Ajusa Hydrogen Technologies, José Manuel Gregorio, has reported that the release to the market of hydrogen-powered vehicles such as Hyundai Nexo is “a great boost for society to realize that the future of the automotive sector passes through the energies alternatives”.

Vehicles such as 'Don Quixote Car' developed by Ajusa Hydrogen Technologies, has a hydrogen deposit of 350 bars, 200 km. of autonomy and reaches a speed of 40 km/h. Currently, it exceeds 100,000 km. and 3,400 hours of driving.

Source: Ajusa

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