Hyundai Rotem Promotes Hydrogen Electric Tram Demonstration Project with Ulsan City

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  • Signed an MOU to verify the operation of the first hydrogen-electric tram in Korea
  • Enhancement of operational convenience by supplying hydrogen-electric trams and hydrogen charging station packages

Hyundai Rotem is promoting the introduction of the first hydrogen-electric tram in Korea with Ulsan City.

Hyundai Rotem announced on the 14th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the hydrogen-electric tram demonstration project in the presence of Ulsan Mayor Song Chul-ho and Hyundai Rotem CEO Lee Yong-bae at Ulsan City Hall on the 13th.

The hydrogen electric tram demonstration project was promoted to install a hydrogen-electric tram, a hydrogen charging station, and a vehicle base on the Ulsan port line that spans a total of 4.6km from Taehwagang Station to Ulsan Port Station, which is the existing railroad, and to examine whether it can be applied to the Ulsan Urban Railroad planned by Ulsan City. It is a business to become.

Through this business agreement, Hyundai Rotem and Ulsan City will jointly propose a demonstration project for the Ulsan port route and cooperate with each other so that it can be implemented early. Hyundai Rotem is in charge of the entire system of tram operation, including the production and commissioning of hydrogen electric trams, tracks, signals, and construction of hydrogen charging stations, while Ulsan City supports the overall administrative matters for securing demonstration routes and installing hydrogen charging stations.

Hyundai Rotem plans to package and supply hydrogen electric trams and hydrogen charging stations in Ulsan City through this demonstration project. Hyundai Rotem received an order for three Susori formers from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Gangwon Techno Park in May, and recently started construction of the Susori Former plant on the site of the Uiwang Research Institute and is in full swing in the supply of hydrogen charging facilities.

If a hydrogen electric tram and a hydrogen charging station are supplied together, there is an advantage in that problems that may occur when the train and charging stations are connected together can be identified and supplemented. In addition, it is possible to further stabilize the train operation system and minimize maintenance manpower, further enhancing operator convenience.

When the performance verification of the hydrogen electric tram and the hydrogen charging station is completed through the demonstration project, it is expected that it will be able to enter the domestic and overseas tram markets in earnest.

Hyundai Rotem has been developing hydrogen electric trams with Hyundai Motors since last year, and plans to complete the production of a performance test platform vehicle by 2021. Hyundai Rotem’s hydrogen electric tram is manufactured in a low-floor structure, so it is convenient to get on and off for general passengers as well as for those with limited transportation, and because it does not require a tram line, it has the advantage of improving the appearance of the city and reducing construction costs compared to general trams and light railroads.

In addition, the hydrogen electric tram is effective for air purification in urban areas. If one hydrogen electric tram is operated for one hour, it can purify about 800㎍ (micrograms) of fine dust, and it can produce 107.6kg of clean air that 107 adults can consume for one hour.

An official from Hyundai Rotem said, “Through an agreement with Ulsan City, which has been selected as a hydrogen model city, we expect that the commercialization of domestic hydrogen electric trams will accelerate further.” I will do my best to build it.”

Photo. On the 13th, Ulsan Mayor Song Chul-ho (left) and Hyundai Rotem CEO Lee Yong-bae (right) are taking commemorative photos at Ulsan City Hall.


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