Hyundai: Swiss Hyundai NEXO Teams at the 24 Hours Hydrogen Rally 2020

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Hyundai Swiss Hyundai NEXO Teams at the 24 Hours Hydrogen Rally 2020

The idea is as simple as it is captivating. Based on the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the first 24 Hours Hydrogen Rally took place in Holland in 2017 – with the aim of presenting the qualities of fuel cell electric vehicles.

The rally has now started in Germany for the second time – for the first time with two Hyundai NEXO teams from Switzerland. A total of 17 teams will set off on Monday, September 28th at 4 p.m. in the Bodenseeforum in Constance to collect points with their fuel cell electric cars. 24 hours later they meet at the gates of f-cell Stuttgart . The latest information about the German 24 Hours Hydrogen Rallye 2020 and the two Swiss teams Avenergy and Swagelok Switzerland can be found and on social media.

It is no coincidence that two Swiss teams are at the start this year, each with a Hyundai NEXO. Switzerland is expanding its network of hydrogen filling stations this year (six to the end of the year), is already producing green hydrogen (H2 ZERO) from 100% renewable energy sources and will soon be bringing the first heavy Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell commercial vehicles worldwide (36 t) on the street.The two Swiss teams – Avenergy and Swagelok Switzerland – each use a Hyundai NEXO, which means they are perfectly equipped for victory. The fuel cell vehicle offers a range of 666 km (WLTP test) on a single tank of fuel; a value that the teams can even surpass with a gentle driving style.Each team determines its own route. One can assume, however, that the Swiss teams will be seen at the currently available petrol stations in Hunzenschwil (AG) and St. Gallen sometime between Monday 4 p.m. and Tuesday 4 p.m. – but not for long. Refueling with green hydrogen only takes a few minutes.

The goal for the teams is f-cell Stuttgart , the hydrogen conference for the experts. And the goal for the Swiss teams is also clear : with energy from sustainable sources and without CO 2 emissions on the top steps of the podium….

24 hours with simple rules, a long range and strong statements

The organizers of the 24 Hours Hydrogen Rally set themselves a clear goal: The rally should demonstrate the advantages and qualities of electromobility with hydrogen. Based on the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the focus is on endurance and range, but also on driving with zero emissions, with the teams approaching specific points in 24 hours – each team at its own rhythm and with its own plan.

During the 24 hours in the hydrogen electric vehicle, the teams collect points for the kilometers driven (1 point each), the countries visited (100 points each), the fuel stop at the hydrogen filling stations and the visit to specified locations, always with the Relation to hydrogen.

In addition to this Classic Challenge, the teams can collect points for their communication with the Creative Challenge, with photos, blogs and videos.

News and information about the current status of the rally with the 17 teams from Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland can be found at and on various social media.

Hyundai NEXO

With the NEXO, Hyundai is introducing a promising form of 100% electromobility, in which electricity is generated directly in the vehicle. The energy for this is provided by green hydrogen (H2), which in turn is produced from renewable energy sources. The advantages are convincing: When driving, the Hyundai NEXO does not emit any exhaust emissions, only water vapor. In addition, the vehicle can be refueled in a few minutes and the range is an impressive 666 km (WLTP test), resp. 756 km (NEDC).

Safety is also very important in the NEXO. It was the first vehicle with fuel cell technology to be subjected to a crash test by the independent European authority Euro NCAP and given the top five-star rating.

Five doors, five seats and a trunk volume of up to 1,466 liters (VDA 214) also underline the everyday practicality of the electric SUV. In Switzerland, the Hyundai NEXO Amplia blue-drive is available from CHF 89,900.


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