Hyundai:“The goal of supplying 5,000 hydrogen electric vehicles to France by 2025”

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Hyundai 2B AirLiquide 2B Engie 2
  • Hyundai Motor Company – Air Liquide – ENGIE – Joint venture to expand the supply of hydrogen electric vehicles and charging stations
  • Provide 'comprehensive cooperation model' between vehicle manufacturing, energy production and infrastructure companies

HYUNDAI– The three companies will work towards the common goal of expanding hydrogen-powered electric vehicles and hydrogen charging infrastructure in France.

In addition, Hyundai Motor has set a goal of exporting 5,000 hydrogen and electric vehicles to France by 2025, and Air Liquide will actively contribute to the development of the Korean hydrogen industry. Prior to that, Air Liquide announced its intention to participate in the Special Purpose Corporations (SPC), which will be established at the end of the year in Korea.

Three companies that are recognized as global companies in the field of hydrogen electric vehicle manufacturing, hydrogen production and charging station construction, energy production and infrastructure construction are evaluating that they have come up with innovative experiments to open up the era of global hydrogen electric vehicle popularization.


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