Hyzon Analyst and Investor Day 2022, a Real Opportunity

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Fuel Cells Works, Hyzon Analyst and Investor Day 2022, a Real Opportunity

On June 7th, Fuel Cells Works attended Hyzon’s Analyst and Investor day in Groningen, the Netherlands along with a respectable number of analysts and investors.  The event allowed analysts and investors to hear from the Hyzon management team on what it is doing to stay on track with building out its operations and securing supplies of hydrogen.  Attendees also were able to talk with the upper management team, and, perhaps best of all, the event allowed them to take part in a private ride and drive event of a bona fide Hyzon Class 8 truck that is as real and tangible as any Kenworth or Peterbilt (just with the major advantage of Hyzon’s truck producing only water vapor for its emissions).

During the morning Claire Corno, who is Hyzon’s Director of Operations in Europe, gave the analysts and investors a tour of Hyzon’s facility where they were able to see the assembly lines in which multiple trucks are currently being built for customers.  Claire explained that Hyzon is currently refining multiple processes so that when the hydrogen production facilities of Hyzon’s partners come online Hyzon will be in a position to take complete advantage of that.

Fuel Cells Works, Hyzon Analyst and Investor Day 2022, a Real Opportunity

Members of Hyzon’s Management Team along with Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR

In the afternoon during the formal presentation that was streamed online, the CEO of Hyzon, Craig Knight, made it clear that Hyzon is taking all of the needed steps to wisely use all of the money investor’s have given, and that those funds would not be spent on investments not deemed prudent.  Where other CEOs leave shareholders dreading his or her next tweet, Craig’s words at the event reminded everyone that he is worthy of the trust all stakeholders place in him.

Mark Gordon, a senior advisor of Hyzon’s, clearly laid out the case for why FCEVs are the only practical solution to solve a number of mobility challenges.  Mark pointed to how taxed the electrical grid in the U.S. already is, and he also mentioned that batteries are unable to perform as well as fuel cells do regardless of the temperature.  If the analysts and investors were looking for a clear and concise education on why BEVs in heavy-duty mobility are a backwards step, then Mark did not leave them wanting.

However, perhaps the highlight for the analysts and investors was the ride and drive event.  After each one finished that part of the day, your correspondent asked if she or he would buy a Hyzon Class 8 truck (assuming the person was in the market for such a vehicle) and the answer was a resounding, “yes.”  This was unsurprising since your correspondent put the same question to three heavy-duty truck drivers at the ACT Conference and Expo last month and their answer was also yes without any hesitation.

The most powerful takeaway from the event was that Hyzon is producing and getting Class 8 trucks into customer hands NOW.  Hyzon is not trying to produce a product, and in the process taking investor funds and offering only empty words in return.  Everything about Hyzon is genuine as are the products it is delivering to real customers every month.  For investors the only real question should be, how many Hyzon shares can I buy?

Fuel Cells Works, Hyzon Analyst and Investor Day 2022, a Real Opportunity
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