Hyzon Motors Introduces New EAxle Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

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Fuel Cells Works, Hyzon Motors Introduces New EAxle Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks
  • Hyzon Automotive has developed a new eAxle (Electric Axle Drive) technology that increases motor-to-wheel efficiency to 97% and reduces losses by 40%
  • The technology enables superior performance through innovations in gear system, transmission, and motor integration
  • The company’s next-generation 8-Series trucks will be equipped with eAxles technology, aiming for a truck with 950kW of power and 19.7 mpge of fuel efficiency at full load

Rochester, NYHyzon Motors, a supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, today announced its self-developed eAxle technology for Class 8 6×4 commercial vehicles Provides extremely high efficiency. In addition, Hyzon is nearing completion of its listing through a merger with Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: DCRB, DCRBW).

Hyzon’s eAxle technology eliminates the use of right-angle hypoid gears and enables the use of one electric motor per wheel, resulting in good vehicle performance at both low and high speeds. When paired with a virtual differential, the technology achieves efficiencies of up to 97 percent, compared to the industry standard of 95 percent. The eAxle reduces motor-to-wheel energy losses by up to 40 percent and enables full torque regenerative braking. Through this innovation, Hyzon will use an all-in-one powertrain in its next-generation Class 8 heavy-duty trucks that is easy to maintain and cost-effective, while delivering optimal performance and estimated fuel economy. That is, under the CARB HHDDT test cycle, the fuel consumption at full load can reach 19.7.

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Hyzon expects its Class 8 heavy-duty trucks to outperform EVs, with peak power up to 950kW, the ability to climb grades over 20 percent, and a 0-60 km acceleration time of less than 20 seconds with a fully loaded trailer and is electronically controlled. Top speed is up to 75 mph. Hyzon hopes to achieve the above performance by using dedicated motors in each series and combining the various specialized motors to achieve excellent efficiency. In addition, Hyzon’s eAxle technology can significantly reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, which is crucial for increasing the payload of electric and hydrogen vehicles. The technology is currently patent pending.

Hyzon will equip its hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks with eAxles at its U.S. plant, with prototypes of the technology rolling off the production line next year.




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