Iceland: Swiss Company Interested in Producing Hydrogen at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant

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January 4, 2020 |

Hydrogen ON Iceland

A Swiss company that is interested in producing hydrogen and methane in the Geothermal Energy Geothermal Park at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant is about to start assessing this environmental impact. 

Nordur is the name of the company and has made a letter of intent with ON about facilities and major resources. It is in accordance with ON’s policy to make the best use of the power generated by the power plant in the power plant. Already in the Geothermal Park there is Algaennovation microalgae processing, which in addition to electricity and carbon dioxide also gets fresh water from ON.

Nordur, which is currently launching the assessment process with a public ad, intends to get carbon dioxide and electricity from ON. In particular, the electricity would be used to produce on-site hydrogen mixed with carbon dioxide to extract methane.

The company’s ideas are to sell the products in Iceland and abroad.



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