Impact Coatings Automating Production Line for Coating LT-PEM Fuel Cell Plates in the Company’s Coating Service Center in Linköping

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Fuel Cells Works,, Impact Coatings Automating Production Line for Coating LT-PEM Fuel Cell Plates in the Company's Coating Service Center in Linköping

An industrial robot with associated automation equipment has been installed in the company’s Coating Service premises. As a supplier of coating technology and coating services, Impact Coatings has been supplying PVD coatings for fuel cell plates for a decade. An INLINECOATER ™ FC system dedicated to the application was installed in 2018. By integrating an industrial robot into the production line, more efficient production flows and increased production capacity are now possible.

“For us, the automated production line means more than just an increased production flow. With the help of the new solution, our staff is relieved of repetitive tasks and we reduce the risk of mistakes. We can also continue the further development of our robotic interfaces and automation solutions. For our customers in Coating Services, the automation solution means that we can run production processes with maximum capacity and increase the production rate to match the market’s increasing volume needs, ”says Carina Höglund, VP Coating Services.

Impact Coating has chosen a smart, sensor-controlled automation solution without a physical safety cage. If someone enters the clearly marked area around the robot, the sensors automatically stop the production process. The result is a very compact layout that matches the INLINECOATER system’s small footprint. Such compact production cells measure approximately 7 × 3 meters and are now also available as part of the Impact Coating Systems Solutions offering.

The new automation solution is part of Impact Coating’s growth strategy. Later this year, the company plans to start up another automated Coating Service Center in Shanghai, China.


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