In a World Première, GAUSSIN Unveils Two New Hydrogen Vehicles, the ATM-H2 and the APM-H2

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GAUSSIN  announces the success of the Open Day event held today at its Héricourt site in Haute-Saône, France.

350 guests were invited in line with the Covid-19 restrictions to an event that welcomed the President of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional authority, Marie-Guite Dufay. Guillaume Pepy, former CEO of the SNCF and a new member of both the Board of the GAUSSIN/Al Attiya (GAME) joint venture and the GAUSSIN Scientific Committee also addressed those present by video link.

Ms Dufay Gaussin New Hydrogen Vehicles

Ms Dufay, during her speech presenting the Region’s stimulus package for the hydrogen sector

During the event, the Group gave an exclusive preview of its two new hydrogen vehicles, the ATM-H2 and the APM-H2, intended for transport on logistics hubs and port terminals respectively. Demonstrations were organised as well as a visit to the production lines.

1. Two new hydrogen vehicles launched: the ATM-H2 and the APM-H2

Building on its unique experience in electric vehicles, GAUSSIN is now adding to its range two new versions that run on hydrogen: the ATM-H2, which is intended for logistics hubs and has a towing capacity of 38 tonnes, and the APM-H2 dedicated to the moving containers on port terminals and capable of pulling over 75 tonnes.
A clean fuel developed historically with the French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA)

These vehicles are equipped with the Hydrogen Powerpack, whose earliest versions were developed in partnerships with the CEA-Liten (Atomic Energy Agency – Innovation Laboratory for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials).

When used in a fuel cell, hydrogen combines with the oxygen in the air to produce electricity, with water as the only waste product. Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of energy sources, particularly renewable energy. It, therefore, constitutes an interesting alternative to fossil fuels and could help Europe to reach the ambitious targets for achieving carbon neutrality that it has set itself.

Easy to use and high-performance
The GAUSSIN vehicles’ hydrogen tanks can be filled up in a matter of minutes for several hours of operation. This ratio of charging time to autonomy gives the hydrogen solution a clear advantage over other technologies. In addition, as the filling process is similar to that of filling up at a petrol station, the vehicles are easy to use and the user quickly feels at ease.

Finally, this technology is paving the way for other innovations in the future. Hydrogen is not only going to play a major role in the transporting of heavy loads, it is also set to be an important energy vector for solar and wind power. With hydrogen, it should be possible to smooth the fluctuations in the production of these clean energies and improve their integration into the power distribution grid.

2. Speech given by the President of the Regional authority, Marie-Guite Dufay

On the occasion of this Open Day GAUSSIN was pleased to welcome the President of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional authority, Marie-Guite Dufay, who presented the Region’s stimulus package for the hydrogen sector.

About Gaussin
Gaussin is an engineering company that designs, assembles and sells innovative products and services in the transport and logistics field. Its know-how encompasses cargo and passenger transport, autonomous technologies allowing for self-driving solutions such as Automotive Guided Vehicle, and the integration of all types of batteries, particularly electric and hydrogen fuel cells. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, Gaussin enjoys a strong reputation in four fast-expanding markets: port terminals, airports, logistics and people mobility. The group has formed strategic partnerships with major global players in order to accelerate its market penetration: Siemens Logistics in the airport field, Bolloré Ports and ST Engineering in ports, UPS in logistics and Bluebus for people mobility. Gaussin has extended its business model with licensing agreements that are aimed at speeding up the use of its technology throughout the world. The purchase of Metalliance has resulted in the emergence of a group with over 200 employees and €50M turnover.


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