Indoor ski jumping in Wernigerode to be Powered by Fuel Cells
Indoor ski jumping in Wernigerode to be Powered by Fuel Cells
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 17, 2016

The idea is not new and there have been some ambitious projects in the past regarding an indoor ski jumping facility. But: So far there's no such facility in the entire world. For various reasons none of these projects was constructed and completed so far.

Now there's a new, promising attempt in Wernigerode (GER): the "Astberg Winter Sports Center". One of the highlights of this project: With huge wind machines it shall be possible to simulate all kinds of wind conditions at the hill under a closed roof. Tailwind, headwind, sidewind, whatever is needed for training. All possible conditions on demand.

The idea and a first draft of the Astberg winter sports center already exists since 2004, now the planners around Klaus Dieter Goetze and Mario Kowalsky want to get started.  

The initiators also thought about environmentally relevant points already. The energy shall be generated using a fuel cell:

"Energy is one of the economic key factors of the "Astberg Winter Sports Center" Wernigerode. Due to the high energy consumption we developed a generation of energy through a fuel cell (1.2 Mwh). The fuel cell produces energy and heat at the same time. This heat is used to create a temperature of 3° to 4° C in the facility. The heat and the energy will be generated CO² neutral. This is a huge economic and efficient advantage for the environment. Currently the waste heat is discharged into the atmosphere (apartment buildings which are not heated in summer). With our system the heat will be used mainly in summer. The electric energy will be delivered to electric power companies like "Stadtwerke", Eon Avakon, RWE and others. Right now this would generate profits of about 1 800 000 Euro. The second advantage is the use of the waste heat", as explained in the official statement.

These are the points included in the concept:

Completely roofed winter sports center for year-round use for professional and recreational sports

Multipurpose area overview:

- two ski jumping hills (K 90 and K 125) on the "Astberg" - advantage: no inrun tower!

- one alpine downhill slope with a length of 720 m / 23 % incline

- one cross country skiing track with a length of 750 m

- a ski lift with gondolas for four persons each

- a bobsled and luge track with 12 curves

- a family zone (sledding, mini jumping hill, ski school, fun sport areas)

- infrastructure (2 hotel areas for professional athletes and tourists, winter camping in an Inuit-hotel)

- F & B area (ice bar, café, theme restaurants; some of them with special features: balcony with a special panoramic view, sky café with panoramic view and a 360° rotating restaurant)

- special areas: event area, VIP area, rooms for preparation and supplies


Professional winter sports area for professional athletes 

- Areas for cross country and alpine skiing with a 720 m long and 40 m wide slope 

- Slope with an incline of 23 %

- Ski jumping hills equipped with an elevator and a chairlift 

The ski jumping hills will be natural hills, this means that they are built on the Astberg and no inrun tower will be needed.

The inrun will have an incline of 37°, an ice track will be installed / inrun speed: 90 km/h (track has a long service life and brings high inrun speed) 

- Take-off table with in an incline of 11° for high speed during the flight phase