Innovation From MyFC Approved by the European Patent Office – Electrochemically Operated Valves Optimize Fuel Cells–

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The European Patent Office announces that myFC has one of its patents approved in several countries. With the help of the electrochemically operated valve that the patent protects, it is possible to distribute the hydrogen gas individually to the fuel cells.

When operating a system consisting of a plurality of fuel cells, combined in so-called FCAs (Fuel Cell Assembly), a common flow of hydrogen gas is distributed to the different cells.

The FCAs that are part of the same system naturally operate with a certain variation in working mode, for example due to variation in temperature – something that myFC’s electronics handle to maximize the system’s capacity.

“An additional optimization option is to be able to control the hydrogen flow individually for each FCA, ” says Sebastian Weber.

The patent that is now being approved for Europe applies to an electrochemically operated valve that can control the flow of hydrogen, and that can be implemented cost-effectively in the fuel cells of an FCA – with the same technology and production.

“The patented technology gives us additional opportunities to optimize our modular and scalable fuel cell solutions,” says Sebastian Weber.

The valve solution can also be used in other contexts, and therefore has a possible outlet in a variety of other segments than fuel cells.

myFC’s patent portfolio consists of more than 100 approved patents and ongoing patent applications.

About myFC

Swedish innovation company myFC offers thin, scalable fuel cells that are easy to dimension and adapt to any electric application. myFC develops hybrid technology solutions combining batteries and hydrogen-based micro fuel cells for extended usage and reduced carbon footprint. The company was founded in 2005 and was listed on NASDAQ First North Growth Market in 2014. Its headquarters are in Stockholm. For more information, visit


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