Innovation of fuel cells with gas diffusion layers
Innovation of fuel cells with gas diffusion layers
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With fuel cell technologies making their way to serial production, the fuel cell industry faces the challenge of bringing their prototypes and early adopters to the next level: that of a high-volume, low-cost and competitive production. When it comes to the performance of fuel cells, gas diffusion layer (GDL) materials play a vital part in bringing forward the technology. Freudenberg Performance Materials (FPM) is working with fast speed on the industrialization of its GDL manufacturing line, establishing itself as an ISO 9001-certified, high-volume capable, full-service supplier of gas diffusion layers.

Optimizing quality and costs through systematic industrialization

“Our task is to improve the performance of gas diffusion layers and to optimize quality and costs through systematic industrialization,” says Dr. Frank Heislitz, Chief Technology Officer at FPM. Gas diffusion layers from Freudenberg consist of nonwovens with a unique three-dimensional fiber structure. They enable highly efficient fuel cells and realize electrical, thermal and water management just as appropriate in the individual fuel cell application. The nonwoven technology also allows a high degree of flexibility in the design in order to meet the specific needs of customers. Many of the current fuel cell producers and developers including important international automobile manufacturers are among FPM’s clients.

Building on the nonwoven production excellence of the Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg Performance Materials has assumed responsibility for the further development of gas diffusion layers and for building up business in this segment from Freudenberg Fuel Cell Components Technologies at the beginning of 2015. Thus, the business is building on the extensive knowledge and nonwoven production excellence of the Freudenberg Group with a company history of more than 165 years. Freudenberg has been doing research on fuel cell components for more than a decade. With an excellent product quality, a comprehensive quality management and the improved handling of material in production, FPM is taking important steps in order to bring the production of fuel cell components to the next level.

About Freudenberg Performance Materials

Freudenberg Performance Materials is a leading global supplier of innovative performance materials offering differentiated value propositions to a broad range of markets and applications such as Automotive Interiors, Apparel, Building Materials, Hygiene, Medical, Shoe Components and Specialties. The company generates sales of over €900 million and has more than 20 manufacturing sites in 14 countries and more than 3.800 associates. Freudenberg Performance Materials has many years of experience in technical textiles and applications. The company attaches great importance to social and ecological responsibility.

The company is part of the Freudenberg Group. In 2014, the Freudenberg Group with its Seals and Vibration Control Technology, Nonwovens, Filtration, Household Products, Specialties and Others Business Areas generated sales of more than € 7 billion (including pro-rata consolidation of our 50:50 joint ventures) and employed more than 40,000 people in around 60 countries. For further information please go to

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