Integrated Hydrogen Refueler Helps to Promote FCVs Industry

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Fuel Cells Works, Integrated Hydrogen Refueler Helps to Promote FCVs Industry

BOSTON, MA, USA — With the rapid development of the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) market, many automakers worldwide have released their FCVs, including Toyota, Honda, BMW, etc. In the meantime, the demand for hydrogen production and refueling infrastructures is growing over time.

Full-sized hydrogen station has the issues such as occupying large space, high construction costs, complicated permitting procedures, and lack of usage at the current stage, which limit the development and distribution.

The emergence of the all-in-one hydrogen refueler solves the above dilemmas. Angstrom Group successfully developed the world’s first hydrogen refueler in 2018, it occupies a much smaller footprint (around 2.4*1.7m) and can produce hydrogen by connecting water and electricity only, which requires less investment. It is highly integrated and can be customized according to special requirements. The most significant advantage of the refueler is user-friendly, easy operation and maintenance. Simple raw material with intelligentized control and monitoring ensures safety and reliability while reducing operational and label costs. The hydrogen capacity can reach 0-20 KG per day, purity>99.999%, dew point <-70 °C, comply with a standard higher than SAE J2719 gas quality, with dispenser nozzle H35/H70 TK16/TK25/TK17, only requires tap water as water supply.

The successful development of the system is the result of the combination of the US leading both the technological progress and industrial development trend. It is also a milestone in promoting the development of the global hydrogen energy industry.

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