Intelligent Energy steps up commercial activities in Singapore
Intelligent Energy steps up commercial activities in Singapore
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, November 02, 2015

Henri Winand addresses Asia Clean Energy Summit delegates on the importance of air quality and the need for low carbon technologies

Singapore--Intelligent Energy is actively working with Singapore’s Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) this month (27-28 October) - the perfect platform to highlight the company’s increasing commercial and operational presence in the region and the vast opportunities for its proprietary fuel cell technology. Intelligent Energy’s key focus at the conference will be to highlight solutions to air quality issues in urban areas – an issue with which Singaporeans are well acquainted.

Over the past two years, Intelligent Energy has established an operational hub in Singapore to foster relationships, unlock opportunities and build capability from an operational, business and technology basis.  The company has been working closely with a number of strategic partners in the region including SMILE FC System Corporation in Japan, a joint venture established in 2012 by Intelligent Energy and the Suzuki Motor Corporation to develop and manufacture air-cooled fuel cell technologies for the motive sector. In addition, the company is working with high technology Singaporean partners, Manufacturing Integration Technology Ltd (MIT) and Sunningdale to supply key components for fuel cell systems for its Distributed Power & Generation (DP&G) and its Consumer Electronics division’s applications.  This also includes working on various opportunities with Japan, Singapore, China and other Asian based partners in all three of its business divisions Motive, Consumer Electronics and DP&G.

Intelligent Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Henri Winand, will be addressing the delegates at ACES on the importance of adopting a portfolio approach to low carbon technologies.

Dr Winand commented: “I am delighted to proactively support such an important event which builds on our commitment to our business activities in Singapore.  Our presence and strategic partnerships reflects the increased importance of our activities across Asia.  We see Asia as the leading region for fuel cell technologies and our recent announcements including a £1.2bn landmark deal in India and the $10m extension of a joint development programme with one of our existing Asian volume OEM are testament to this.”

To support its strategic presence in Singapore, Intelligent Energy has also been working closely with the Economic Development Board, Singapore’s lead government agency for planning and executing strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global business centre. 

 “We are pleased that Intelligent Energy, a fuel cell technology leader, has chosen Singapore for its Asian supply chain hub. Given the fast-growing applications in fuel cells globally, this investment will increase the vibrancy of the Cleantech ecosystem in Singapore and also build up new manufacturing capabilities amongst our local suppliers,” said Mr Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director, Cleantech, EDB.

Intelligent Energy will be exhibiting at the event with a focus on the company’s approach to cleaner air in cities with fuel cell Zero Emission Range Extender light commercial vehicles (ZERE). ZERE addresses the key challenges of short range and the extended refuelling time associated with battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Intelligent Energy has integrated its high efficiency air-cooled PEM fuel cells into existing electric vehicles.  This range enhanced zero emission solution has the advantage of offering extended operational range and fast refuelling, whilst retaining the advantages of zero emissions and near silent operation and can be further deployed to other (BEVs) over time.

Developed with direct input from fleet operators, ZERE vans offer improved productivity because of the increased vehicle range – up to double that of the standard BEV vehicle - and reduced daily battery recharge time whilst retaining zero tailpipe emissions. Additionally, the fact that many light commercial fleets operating in and around urban centres as multi-drop delivery vehicles work on a ‘back-to-base’ pattern, means only one hydrogen refuelling point is required.

Winand went on to comment, “The recent sector news surrounding diesel emissions highlights the increasing pressure that vehicle manufacturers face in order to meet stringent emission targets. Until now, vehicle emissions have not been given due attention, but air pollution in our cities highlights that air quality is an immediate issue we need to deal with here and now. ZERE and FCEVs offer a perfect platform to shift to a clean, practical solution for fleet operators, who will be under pressure to lead the way in reducing carbon emissions on the road.”

About Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy Holdings plc is an energy technology group which develops efficient and clean hydrogen fuel cell power systems for the global automotive, consumer electronics, distributed power and generation markets – from powering zero-emission vehicles to compact energy packs for mobile devices and stationary power units for the always-on infrastructure.

Working with international companies, Intelligent Energy aims to embed its technology in mass market applications to solve the challenges of continuous power and productivity, by creating everyday energy solutions to power people’s lives. The Group’s intellectual property and expertise is based around proprietary fuel cell technologies, which are the product of over 25 years of research and development. Its patent portfolio includes more than 900 patents granted (and over 1000 patents pending) across more than 400 patent families. The Group also maintains a significant body of confidential know-how and trade secrets.

With its principal facility and headquarters in Loughborough, UK, the company also has operations in India, Japan and Singapore, a commercial office in Silicon Valley, USA and development facilities co-located at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission in Grenoble and at NASA in Florida, USA. Intelligent Energy Holdings plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has an ADR program in the USA (LSE: IEH; ADR: INGYY).