Intlvac to Introduce Its Fuel Cell Production Technology to European Market

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HALTON HILLS, ON– Intlvac Thin Film, a Canadian advanced manufacturing company that has a thirty-year history in the thin film deposition and materials science industry with clients in the aerospace & defence, medicine, telecommunications, energy, optics and photonics industries will be introducing to the European market its plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) technology, physical vapour deposition (PVD) technology and vacuum systems for fuel cell research and manufacturing.

“We will be exhibiting and showcasing our technology at Europe’s largest Hydrogen Technology Expo in Germany this week,” explained Mr. Deligiannis. “Our technology has been generating a great deal of attention from the North American fuel cell industry since we introduced our technology to market. A primary driver of this interest is that the high cost of platinum and palladium are a challenge the fuel cell industry must overcome. Our PECVD and PVD technology reduces the amount of expensive and scarce noble metals used in fuel cell construction. We deposit very thin layers of these noble metals without compromising the fuel cell’s performance. This massive reduction in use of noble metals, specifically palladium and platinum, drives down the production cost and is a sustainable solution for the volume deployment of fuel cell technology,” explained Intlvac’s President Dino Deligiannis.

“Intlvac’s low-pressure plasma deposition techniques deposit materials with higher energy and density. Coatings using eighty percent less material can have a large impact when making an electrolyzer that uses precious metals as catalysts to convert electricity into hydrogen. The conventional use of precious metals has been by turning them into powders or electroplating them onto parts. We bring to market a solution that reduces both the production cost and the amount of precious metals required for the hydrogen fuel cell transportation market,” explained Mr. Deligiannis. 

Intlvac Thin Film and Intlvac Hydrogen will be exhibiting at booth 7E95 on September 27th and September 28th, 2023. To arrange a meeting or for product information on Intlvac Hydrogen technology solutions please contact [email protected]

About Intlvac Thin Film

Intlvac Thin Film is a Canadian advanced manufacturing company that supplies Systems for High Vacuum Thin Film Deposition & Ion Beam Etching/Deposition, Thin Film Coatings, and Ion Sources for surface modification. The company has been a driving force in the thin film deposition and materials science industry for the past thirty years. Intlvac Thin Films has customers in the aerospace, defence, medicine, telecommunications, energy, hydrogen fuel cells, optics and photonics industries. The corporate headquarters is in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada and the company has a US subsidiary in Fort Collins, Colorado to support clients in the United States. The company also operates two business units; Intlvac Hydrogen and Intlvac Space Simulation.


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