IRD Fuel Cells is becoming EWII Fuel Cells
IRD Fuel Cells is becoming EWII Fuel Cells
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 03, 2016

RD Fuel Cells is becoming EWII Fuel Cells as part of the group corporate name change from TREFOR Group to EWII

EWII – Energy World Inspired by Innovation – is pronounced /ee-vee/. With our hallmark customer dedication we stay committed to promote a hydrogen economy by engaging in R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of critical PEM fuel cell component solutions like membrane electrode assembly and flow plates, which generates long term value for our customers and partners. (This is precisely what the EWII Corporate Group is striving for in order to secure a sustainable future through development and innovation.)

Our commitment to further develop and strengthen our business and partnerships and incorporate even more sustainable elements continues as the strategy for EWII Fuel Cells.

The name change from IRD Fuel Cells to EWII Fuel Cells is underway and will be fully implemented over the coming months although our business operations will remain unchanged.