IRESEN Joins the HYPOS network, a German Alliance for the Promotion of the Hydrogen industry in the World

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March 16, 2019 |

Hypos Iresen

IRESEN has joined the German Power Storage & Solutions Association East Germany ev (HYPOS). The aim of this alliance is to coordinate between companies in the energy, chemicals and energy infrastructure construction sectors, as well as universities and research institutes, in joint projects and projects. dedicated events.

This alliance is particularly aimed at promoting electricity conversion and storage technologies, mainly in the form of hydrogen, as well as promoting its economically viable and socially acceptable integration into supply infrastructures.

Through this membership, IRESEN aims to position Morocco in the international chessboard of Hydrogen, in particular the green hydrogen sector and the molecules that result from it, within the framework of the “Power-To-X” sectors. . This will involve the integration of IRESEN into pioneering projects and initiatives in this area, with high value-added spin-offs for our country.

HYPOS currently has around 100 members throughout Germany, including large, medium and small businesses, as well as scientific institutes and universities. IRESEN is the first non-German and non-European member of the HYPOS alliance.

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