Iwatani Renovates and Introduces the Most Advanced Hydrogen Research Facilities in Japan

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November 28, 2018 |

Iwatani RD Facility 2
  • Establishes unique environment in Japan for low-temperature, ultrahigh-pressure hydrogen testing 

Iwatani Corporation has renovated the hydrogen research facilities at its R&D Center (Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo) to become the most advanced facilities in Japan for testing equipment durability, hydrogen-compatible materials and more. 

Background and aim of renovation

With the opening of the R&D Center in April 2013, Iwatani introduced a facility for liquid hydrogen research characterized by the very low temperature of -253°C, as well as a facility for research on ultrahigh-pressure hydrogen gas. After five years, Iwatani must adapt to more sophisticated testing with the aim to pursue the safety of its hydrogen refueling stations, reduce construction cost and develop an infrastructure for a hydrogen energy society. Iwatani has reviewed the specifications and structure of both the facility for research on liquid hydrogen and the facility for research on ultrahigh-pressurehydrogen gas, unique in Japan, to domestically achieve the top testing environment. In addition, another facility has been introduced for the evaluation and research of hydrogen-compatible materials and is capable of determining the hydrogen embrittlement of metal material used in plumbing and other equipment. These technological developments will be accelerated through collaborative research with universities and test agencies. 

As the leading company in hydrogen, Iwatani conducts tests and evaluations of plumbing equipment and metallic materials for use in hydrogen manufacturing plants, such as hydrogen refueling stations, in an effort to reduce construction cost and strengthen its security technologies and engineering. Iwatani will actively continue to fulfill role to develop a hydrogen energy society early.

Iwatani RD Facility 2

Iwatani RD Facility 3


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