Japan: Consortium Releases Update Activities Report of Hydrogen Utilization Study Group in Chubu

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Fuel Cells Works, Japan Seeks to Build a Global Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain

The Hydrogen Utilization Study Group in Chubu, of which Toyota is a member, has conducted concrete studies with the aim of creating a large-scale demand for hydrogen and building a supply chain for stable hydrogen utilization in the Chubu region, since its launch in March 2020.

Since its establishment, the Group has calculated potential demand of hydrogen in various industrial sectors in the Chubu region, considered possibilities of realizing a hydrogen supply chain from import terminals to end users in the Chubu region, and verified switchable hydrogen costs.

“The group is targeting to start commercial use of hydrogen by 2025, when demand is projected at an initial 40,000 t/yr before increasing to 110,000 t/yr in 2030. Industrial users in Chita and Yokkaichi are expected to make up around 80pc of the total projected demand for use in co-firing power generation at gas-fired plants, oil refining and petrochemical operations. The rest of the demand is likely to come from hydrogen filling stations and other factories to fuel electric vehicles and in-house fuel cell power generation, which will require above 99.97pc-purity hydrogen.”

“A hydrogen chemical production plant was constructed, and now 120 million m3 (3 bases, 6 plants) of liquefied water is produced annually. It is the only liquefied hydrogen supplier in Japan that has the ability to manufacture raw materials. We also own it nationwide Utilizing the business base of 10 compressed hydrogen plants, the share in the Japanese hydrogen market is 70%.”

The Group has published a report: “Summary of Activities for Hydrogen Utilization in Chubu in 2030”.

Summary of Activities for Hydrogen Utilization in Chubu in 2030
1. Overview of Study
2. Study Results
2. Study Results

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