Jemena Unites with ANT to ‘Green the Gas’ with Hydrogen for NSW Project

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ANT Energy Solutions

HYDROGEN energy will play a significant role in greening the gas network of NSW thanks to ANT Energy Solutions officially joining forces with leading energy infrastructure company Jemena, it was announced last week.

The pilot program, showcasing the first electrolyser in New South Wales, will utilise renewable energy to produce green gas for cooking, heating and hot water in homes and businesses.

The 500kw electrolyser will be located in Western Sydney and the technology will utilise solar and wind power to create carbon-neutral hydrogen gas to be stored in the Jemena Gas Network – the largest in Australia.

ANT green hydrogen leaders
Renewable energies experts ANT Energy Solutions is a fast-growing Melbourne company leading the field in the expansion of Green Hydrogen through the development of modular based systems and Director Noel Dunlop says the Jemena project is one of the key demonstrators in Australia pivotal project to the continued journey of renewable hydrogen and its acceptance in the mainstream.

“It will help educate the public on how hydrogen can play a role in the energy mix of the future, including helping facilitate hydrogen transport, which is not that far away,” Dr Dunlop says. “This and many more projects are critical steps in bringing Australia up to where the international community already is, including countries such as Germany, the United States and Canada.”

Moving to a decarbonised gas future
The electrolyser, developed in Belgium and Canada by Hydrogenics and brought to Australia by ANT Energy Solutions, will drive Jemena’s Western Sydney Green Gas Project, a $15 million trial, co-funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

The project will produce renewably generated hydrogen gas for use in NSW homes and businesses within the next five years.

Importantly, the project will demonstrate the co-mingling, storage and distribution of hydrogen and natural gas in the existing network, which has the capacity to store the equivalent of 8 million Powerwall batteries. In doing so, the project will test intermittent and variable energy conversion to renewable gas, providing on-demand energy in the gas distribution network.

Clean, safe and sustainable green gas
We are making a significant investment in technology to bring clean, safe and sustainable green gas to customers,” said Gabrielle Sycamore, General Manager, Strategy and Commercial, Gas Distribution, Jemena.

“Gas is vital to Australian companies and communities. Gas fuels the $196 billion mining and manufacturing industry, and powers approximately 6.5 million homes. However, customer demands are changing and we are working towards delivering low and zero carbon solutions, such as hydrogen and biomethane, to support the NSW Government’s objective of net zero emissions by 2050,” said Ms Sycamore.

In addition, Jemena will make excess hydrogen gas available to the vehicle and transport sector, and is currently working with councils, partners and stakeholders to ensure public and private fleets can take advantage of the flourishing hydrogen mobility industry.


ANT Energy Solutions is an Australian company specialising in the design, development and integration of hydrogen based solutions. These solutions utilise proprietary hardware and software developed by ANT Energy Solutions that allows integration with world-leading components from suppliers such as Hydrogenics, to deliver modular based solutions to meet clients’ needs. Examples of these include remote, mobile, off-grid, grid-support and industrial applications.

The ANT team not only boasts the leading hydrogen scientists and partners in the world but has extensive experience in successfully commercialising scientific products and managing high end manufacturing processes. The products are proven and ready to go and, given ANT’s solid proprietary systems, they are the most economical and technologically advanced products in the hydrogen marketplace.

Jemena is an $11 billion company that owns and manages some of Australia’s most significant gas and electricity assets throughout Australia.


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