Jericho Energy Ventures: Hydrogen Technologies’ DCC(TM) Zero-Emission Boiler Achieves Nearly 100% Overall Fuel Combustion Efficiency in Independent Testing

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Fuel Cells Works, Jericho Energy Ventures: Hydrogen Technologies' DCC(TM) Zero-Emission Boiler Achieves Nearly 100% Overall Fuel Combustion Efficiency in Independent Testing

MODESTO, CA and VANCOUVER, BC / Hydrogen Technologies, LLC (“Hydrogen Technologies” or “HT”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. (TSXV:JEV)(OTC PINK:JROOF)(FRA:JLM) (“Jericho” or “JEV” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC™) hydrogen boiler has been validated as operating with an overall GHG-free fuel combustion efficiency of nearly 100% in recent independent testing by Process Engineering Associates, LLC, a specialized process engineering firm.¹ The DCC™ is the world’s only hydrogen boiler with zero CO2 and zero Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Chris Muntean, Senior Process Engineer with Process Engineering Associates, writes, “All off-gas samples taken during the test did not detect hydrogen in the sample. This data suggests that the burners are combusting the vast majority (or all) of the H2 gas being supplied to the boiler. Based on these performance results, little to no fuel is left unburned representing an efficient combustion in the unit.”

Janet Reiser, President of Hydrogen Technologies, commented, “This latest validation testing of the DCC™ further strengthens our belief that our breakthrough boiler technology will play a major role in transforming the global commercial and industrial heat and steam markets to zero-emissions in the months and years ahead.”

Numerous multinational companies and organizations from a diverse range of industries are working with HT to explore the deployment of DCC™ clean steam generation across their global operations to fast track their emissions reduction goals.

The DCC™ was developed to be THE boiler for a CO2-free future, designed to replace existing boilers that burn coal, natural gas, diesel, or fuel oil, which are estimated to account for over 20% of all global greenhouse gasses emitted each year.²

The DCC™ maximizes thermal efficiency, minimizes operating headaches, and emits absolutely no GHGs or other pollutants, producing high-quality, clean process steam at prices that can compete with best-in-class natural gas boilers.

HT will be hosting existing clients and other interested parties at its upcoming DCC™ Demo Week, which will take place September 28-30 in Modesto, California.

About Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen Technologies (HT) offers its award-winning CLEAN, ZERO-EMISSION ENERGY SOLUTION for the Commercial and Industrial Boiler Market. There are a wide range of applications for our cleanH2steam DCC™ Boiler, which work much like traditional commercial heat, hot water and industrial steam boilers: be it power generation plants, district heating, food processing, chemical refining, pulp and paper mills or large venue halls, HT has a reliable, efficient, and clean solution for your needs.

About Jericho Energy Ventures

Jericho Energy Ventures (JEV) is an energy company positioned for the current energy transitions; owning, operating and developing both traditional hydrocarbon JV assets and advancing the low-carbon energy transition, with active investments in hydrogen. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Hydrogen Technologies, delivers breakthrough, patented, zero-emission boiler technology to the approximately $30 Billion Commercial & Industrial heat and steam industry.* We also hold strategic investments and board positions in H2U Technologies (a breakthrough electrocatalyst and low-cost electrolyzer platform) and Supercritical Solutions (developing the world’s first, high pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyzer). Jericho also owns and operates long-held producing oil and gas JV assets in Oklahoma which it is currently developing from cash flows in an effort to further increase production into the highly elevated commodity price environment.


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