John Cockerill to Supply Hydrogen to 85 “Zero Emission” Fuel Cell Buses at the Beijing Olympics 2022

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July 26, 2019 |

Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen

As the company announced its intention last October at the inauguration of MiRIS, John Cockerill continues to diversify its activities. After the storage of energy, it has since deployed in hydrogen, with the creation of Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen, a Chinese company created in partnership with Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen Production Equipment Co. Ltd.

This diversification is already a success, as Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen has just been selected to participate in the development of the largest electrolyser in the world. The electrolyser will be able to supply hydrogen to a fleet of 85 “zero emission” buses circulating in the Olympic Village of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

In concrete terms, John Cockerill acquired 56% of Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen. This subsidiary was chosen to provide the necessary technical and manufacturing support for the production of a single-stack electrolyser with a capacity of 7.5 MW (capacity 1500 Nm3 / h).

The delivery, to be performed at the Zhangjiakou site, will include the complete electrolysis unit with its electrolyte circulation loop, its purification station and the hydrogen drying system.

This iconic success follows fifteen other contracts since the beginning of the year, with in particular two other single-stack electrolysers of 5MW for a methanation unit. Also John Cockerill has participated on the project “mobility with green hydrogen” at the Liege Airport.

Jean-Michel Gheeraerdts, President of John Cockerill Energy said,”Our association with a major Chinese player in the field of hydrogen generators by water electrolysis completes our Belgian-French device on the hydrogen market. John Cockerill is today the world leader in providing global solutions related to green hydrogen. Our ambition is to bring to the market innovative solutions that meet the needs of our time and offer businesses, but also citizens, sustainable mobility and transport solutions. ”

Jean-Luc Maurange, CEO of John Cockerill said, “These successes in hydrogen are in line with the strategic orientations we have set ourselves. They perfectly illustrate John Cockerill’s ability to innovate and diversify into new growth markets. That said, all these acquisitions, all these technological and commercial developments require strong investments that are only possible for a private group such as ours, thanks to the resources generated by our traditional activities. This is the model we have chosen, which is our success and we intend to continue. Let’s hope that the context remains conducive to the pursuit of this winning strategy. “


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