JR East to Develop and Test Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trains

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June 5, 2019 |

JR East Test Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train

TOKYO–In its latest press release , JR East Railway Co., or JR East, announced plans to test and develop a new type of train that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

JR East Test Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train2

Photo: NHK

The train will feature hydrogen tanks on the roofs of the trains and the fuel cells will be below the floors of the trains.

The hydrogen tanks will enable the train to travel about 140 kilometers and have a maximum speed of 100kph.

The company plans to have hydrogen fuel cell powered trains by the middle of 2020. Only issue is that at this moment Japanese law does not permit this technology on rails in Japan, so JR officials plan to lobby and urge the government to enable the use of these trains.


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