JX Energy Group Opens Hydrogen Station in Tsunashima Japan
JX Energy Group Opens Hydrogen Station in Tsunashima Japan
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 06, 2017

Yokohama, Japan - JX Energy Group, a member of the Tsunashima SST Council (lead organizers: Panasonic Corporation, Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.) opened the "Yokohama Tsunashima Hydrogen Station," in Tsunashima Sustainable Smart Town (located at Tsunashima-higashi, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) at a former Panasonic's factory site.

Under the concept, "Innovating the Future Together," Tsunashima SST encourages private enterprises and the local government to work together to foster innovation, which combines progressive knowledge, technologies, and services to create a better future and a sustainable town that brings people together. There is increasing interest in hydrogen energy as a next-generation energy, and by establishing the Yokohama Tsunashima Hydrogen Station, the town has accelerated its efforts to adopt a diverse range of energy, which also includes renewable energies such as solar power, and gas co-generation systems that use city gas to generate power and efficiently utilize the heat created.

The Yokohama Tsunashima Hydrogen Station iscontributing to the creation of a hydrogen society by providing hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, and in the adjacent "Suiso Terrace (Hydrogen Terrace)," information is presented about hydrogen and its characteristics, and how it can be utilized. The station also features new technologies that enable the safe supply of hydrogen, including hydrogen gas flame detectors that employ ultraviolet detection technology to expose the presence of clear hydrogen gas flames. The station is also exploring the possibility of supplying energy generated from pure hydrogen fuel cells to the facility in the future.

The Tsunashima SST Council will continue to make efforts to achieve the town's environmental goal, which includes "over 30% usage of new energies, etc." It is working closely with the local community to prepare for the launch of Tsunashima SST in 2018 and to realize a sustainable lifestyle, town, and society.

Overview of the Tsunashima SST

Name: Tsunashima Sustainable Smart Town
Location: Tsunashima-higashi 4-chome, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Size: Approximately 37,900m2
Smart town management facilities: Size - approximately 3,500m2

  • Hydrogen refueling station
  • Town energy center
  • International student dormitory

Smart condominiums: Size - approximately 3,600m2
Smart commercial facility: Size - approximately 18,300m2
Smart technology development center: Size - approximately 12,500m2
Schedule: 2018 launch