Korea: Ansan City Establishes New Organization Dedicated to Hydrogen Energy

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August 10, 2020 |

Ansan City Hydrogen

On July 3rd Ansan City announced that it will form a hydrogen energy dedicated organization for the hydrogen industry ecosystem construction project.

Two departments have been promoting related projects with Ansan Urban Development Co., Ltd. for this task, but as various hydrogen energy-related projects are being promoted, the task is required to be dedicated, and the plan is to establish and operate hydrogen energy starting this month.

Hydrogen Energy TF is operated under the Ministry of Environment and Transportation’s Energy Policy Division and plans to reinforce its expertise by hiring additional experts related to renewable energy such as hydrogen energy.

The main tasks are;

  • Hydrogen Demonstration City
  • Hydrogen Industry Fostering and Discovery
  • Hydrogen Technology Development Promotion
  • Hydrogen Gas Supply Project Overall Promotion
  • Hydrogen Public-Private Council Formation and Operation
  • Expanding Supply of Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Pipes
  • Building Hydrogen Charging Facilities And the establishment of the foundation
  • establishment of hydrogen exhibition and promotion hall and experience hall
  • ¬†establishment and amendment of policies related to hydrogen.

The city was selected as a special new and renewable energy industrial zone by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Businesses in May for its advantage of having the world’s largest tidal power plant, the Daebudo Energy Town, and the Nue Island Wind Farm.

Ansan Mayor Yoon Hwa-seop said, “We will do our best to establish Ansan City as a true hydrogen luxury city by promoting more professional and systematic business through an organization that can be in charge of hydrogen energy-related tasks.”


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