Korea: Ansan’s First Hydrogen Production Facility will be Connected Directly to Hydrogen Refueling Station

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November 14, 2019 |

Ansan Hydrogen Facility and Station Ceremony

Ansan will build a hydrogen refueling infrastructure that connects hydrogen production facilities and hydrogen refueling stations with smart piping, rather than the existing tube trailer hydrogen supply method.

Ansan City signed a business agreement with Ansan Urban Development Co., Ltd. In particular, the construction of hydrogen charging infrastructure, promoted by Ansan City, is planned to be completed in December next year by directly connecting hydrogen production facilities and hydrogen charging station through smart piping, rather than the existing tube trailer hydrogen supply method.

The direct connection of hydrogen from the hydrogen production station to the hydrogen refueling station is expected to increase the convenience of citizens using hydrogen stations. A

Ansan City will enter into an agreement with Ansan City Corporation and SPG Hydrogen to promote the project.

The total project cost is 4.5 billion won. 3 billion won for building the hydrogen refueling station, and 1.5 billion won for the pipe construction.

The ceremony held at the Ansan City Hall was attended by Mayor Yoon Hwa-seop, Ansan Mayor, and Young-gil Choi, CEO of Ansan Urban Development Co., Ltd., and Lee Sung-jae, CEO of SPG Hydrogen. Yoon Hwa-seop, the Mayor of Ansan, said, “We gathered here today for the first step to the clean city of Ansan.” “We hope that this agreement will facilitate the hydrogen charging infrastructure construction project. It is expected to contribute to the expansion and expansion of hydrogen infrastructure with the convenience. “


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