Korea: First hydrogen Refueling Station in Sejong City Completed

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First hydrogen Refueling Station in Sejong City Completed
  • Can refuel 60 Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicles per day

The first hydrogen charging station in the Government Complex Sejong was completed. It is a hydrogen refueling station established in collaboration with related ministries and operates for 12 hours, and up to 60 cars can be charged per day and 5 cars per hour.

On the afternoon of the 31st,’ Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet)’, a hydrogen refueling station special purpose corporation (SPC), where 11 companies including Korea Gas Corporation and Hyundai Motor Company participated, was held at 567 (1-5 living area) in Eojin-dong, Sejong City. The government announced that it held the completion Ceremony of the Hydrogen Charging Station’ at the Sejong Government Complex.

The ceremony was attended by Jeong-ki Hong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environment, Jung Seung-il, Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, James Choi, the Australian Ambassador to Korea, Kim Yong-seok, deputy chief of the Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency, and Cho Sang-ho, the vice mayor of the Sejong Special Self-Governing City.

The Ministry of Environment provided a project budget of 1.5 billion won to the hydrogen energy network and supervised the overall project.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Administration changed the implementation plan to build a hydrogen refueling station in the government building site and worked together to select a location.

The Ministry of Industry conducted a review on the supply and demand of parts and safety for hydrogen charging station construction facilities.

The hydrogen charging station at the Government Complex Sejong is the first hydrogen charging station to be installed in the government building and is the second case to be built at major facilities in the country after the National Assembly hydrogen charging station built by Hyundai Motor Company.

This symbolizes the government’s willingness to transform into a hydrogen society, and is expected to resolve public concerns about the safety of hydrogen and serve as an opportunity to transform the perception of charging stations.

In addition, the convenience of hydrogen car users who travel long distances because it is located in the center of the country is expected to increase, and the supply of hydrogen cars to local governments and public institutions visiting government offices is expected to increase.

Currently, there are 45 hydrogen charging stations nationwide (including 8 for research), and the government will continue to expand hydrogen charging stations and build 310 hydrogen charging stations nationwide by 2022.

On the other hand, the safety of hydrogen charging stations is internationally recognized as it is located near the Eiffel Tower in France and Tokyo Tower in Japan, but there is still strong recognition as a dangerous facility in Korea.

Accordingly, the government plans to strengthen safety management such as precise safety diagnosis and double-check at all stages of construction so that the public can use it with confidence.

In addition, policy promotion will be reinforced so that local residents can directly experience hydrogen safety through various promotions and operation of a hydrogen safety experience training center.

Deputy Minister of Environment Hong Jeong-ki said, “I hope that the hydrogen charging station built at the government’s Sejong Building, the center of the Korean government’s administration, will relieve vague anxiety about hydrogen and transform public awareness of safety.”

He said, “We will do our best to improve the convenience of hydrogen vehicle drivers by spurring the construction of hydrogen charging stations by utilizing the future vehicle charging station field support team and the hydrogen charging station policy council.”



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