Korea: Hyundai Rotem to Build Hydrogen Plant to Supply Hydrogen Stations

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July 28, 2020 |

Hyundai Rotem Hydrogen Plant Model

Hyundai Rotem announced on the 28th of July 2020, that it will build a Hydrogen reformer plant at the site of the Hyundai Rotem Uiwang Research Center located in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

A Hydrogen reformer is a device that extracts hydrogen from natural gas and is a key device for building a hydrogen filling infrastructure.

The newly built plant has the ability to produce 20 hydrogen reformers per year. The amount of hydrogen produced by 20 reformers is about 4,700 tons per year, which is enough to fill 850,000 hydrogen cars (based on the NEXO).

The factory is expected to start operating in earnest starting in October, and Hyundai Rotem plans to expand the factory according to the market demand and order volume of hydrogen reformers.

In addition, the company plans to continuously promote hydrogen-recharged infrastructure and mobility-related research and development through collaboration with the Hyundai Motor Group Research Center located in Uiwang.

The domestic hydrogen refueling infrastructure business is expected to continue to grow. Last year the government announced the ‘Hydrogen Roadmap’ that aims to build 2.9 million units of domestic hydrogen-electric vehicles and 1200 hydrogen stations by 2040 and announce plans to build 100 new hydrogen stations nationwide by 2020.

In addition, on the 16th of July, the Green New Deal was announced, whereby the plan calls for, by 2025, 20 trillion won to be invested to supply 200,000 hydrogen vehicles and install 450 hydrogen charging infrastructures, while also building a hydrogen production base that produces hydrogen and supplies it to charging stations.

An official from Hyundai Rotem said, “Hydrogen consumption is expected to rise exponentially due to the transition to a hydrogen economy society in the future. It is essential to establish a hydrogen charging infrastructure to respond to demand.” “It will play a role as a welcoming agent in revitalizing the domestic hydrogen economy by supplying trams, etc.” “The construction of the former factory will serve as a bridge to meet the domestic demand for hydrogen-charging infrastructure and secure future growth engines.”




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