Korea: National Assembly Introduces First Mass-produced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus

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October 12, 2020 |

National Assembly Introduces First Mass produced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus

Today the National Assembly introduced the first mass-produced hydrogen electric buses and says it will operate it as a shuttle bus.

The National Assembly held a test drive for hydrogen electric buses in front of the main building and representatives from the National Assembly attended the event, including National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-Seok, Secretary-General Kim Young-Chun, Hyundai Motor Company President Gong Young-Woon.

The National Assembly No. 1 hydrogen-electric bus is a model developed by the Hyundai Motor Company and is equipped with a 180-kW fuel cell system the bus can be fully refueled in about 10 minutes and is capable of driving 434km on that single refueling.

The hydrogen-electric bus is equipped with a three-stage air purification function that can remove 99.9% of ultrafine dust in the air. Running an hour can purify the amount of air that 516 people can drink.

National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seok said, “The introduction of mass-produced hydrogen electric buses is a small beginning or another symbol for the National Assembly,” and “I hope that hydrogen buses will serve as an opportunity to awaken the importance of hydrogen economy and the seriousness of the climate crisis to the public.”

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