Korea: KOGAS and JNK Partner on Expanding Hydrogen Infrastructure

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December 28, 2019 |

Kogas JNK Heaters

Korea Gas Technology Corp. (KOGAS-Tech) partners with JNK Heaters to expand infrastructure for the hydrogen industry.

Under the deal, the two companies agreed to jointly implement businesses related to the production, supply, and management of hydrogen.

KOGAS-Tech has been implementing the maintenance business with a focus on the safety management of hydrogen facilities based on the maintenance technologies the company accumulated over the past 27 years. The corporation established a separate department specializing in hydrogen.

JNK Heaters is engaged in hydrogen-related business. Since its establishment in 1998, JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. has greatly contributed to the design, fabrication, erection, maintenance, and revamping of process fired heaters and furnaces.



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