Hyundai Motor Becomes World’s No. 1 Seller of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Nexo Water

NEXO, which is considered as the ultimate eco-friendly car and leads the world’s hydrogen-electric vehicle market, has grown more than four times compared to the same period last year, and 699 units have been sold since its launch in March 2018.

According to figures that Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA) released on Dec. 1. “The number of hydrogen-powered cars sold domestically until October this year was 3,207, up 622 percent from the same period of last year”

Hyundai Motor is a global pioneer in hydrogen fuel cell technology development. In 2013, the company launched the world’s first commercially available hydrogen-powered vehicle, the ix35 Fuel Cell.

The Hyundai NEXO, which launched in 2018, is the company’s second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle FCEV, and features a single-charge driving range of 666 kilometers (WLTP cycle). It emits only clean water vapor and purifies the air while driving, filtering 99.9% of the ultra-fine particles in the process. The fuel cell, electric motor, battery, and hydrogen tanks complement each other to power this FCEV. When the hydrogen stored in the tanks passes to the battery, it breaks down into protons and electrons. The electron flow created in the fuel cell provides electricity to power the electric motor, while the protons react with the oxygen molecules in the air generating heat and water, the only emission of the NEXO.

The Hyundai NEXO is a key part of Hyundai’s eco-strategy. The company aims to introduce a total of 38 environmentally friendly models worldwide by 2025, accelerating the development of zero-emission driving. With a clean, fluid design, the Hyundai NEXO includes the newest cutting-edge technology and SUV style without sacrificing elegance. Clearly, the Hyundai NEXO creates a bridge to tomorrow’s mobility.




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