Kraftpowercon in Unique Project for Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cells to Power Construction Sites

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KraftPowercon Uninterruptible Power Systems becomes part of a unique project for fossil-free power for construction sites with hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The project is led by fuel cell manufacturer Teco 2030, construction company Implenia and Norwegian state development company Enova.

KraftPowercon will be a complete supplier for the electrical power conversion including 800kW fuel cells in a container design. The purpose of the project is to replace the diesel generator in construction and civil engineering projects.  

“We see that the green transition with the electrification of society has created an incredible amount of market engagement for our upcoming galvanic isolated DC/DC converter, DCKraft. Several major players in the renewable energy sector, not least in fuel cell technology, have shown great interest, which confirms our investment in innovative power electronics. For KraftPowercon, the project has grown from the beginning only to deliver our newly developed DCKraft power converter to becoming a supplier for the entire power conversion system. The plan is for the system to be in operation at the beginning of next year.”  Arvid Mortensson, Business Developer  

“Extremely fun but at the same time a real challenge for us as an organization in Växjö. We are already in an expansion phase with a substantial increase in demand from our customers within traditional infrastructure. We therefore need to further review our capacity even though we have employed around twenty people in the past year and as recently as last summer, our premises area were doubled. DCKraft and its associated power conversion systems will constitute an entirely new business sector, necessitating the establishment of a dedicated organization around it.” – Tobias Johansson, Head of Division

Kraftpowercon in Unique Project for Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cells to Power Construction SitesKraftPowercon offers solutions, products, services—and drives innovation—within industrial power supply. We create value for customers by ensuring efficient, reliable, green, and cost-efficient processes that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs and demands.

We operate in six areas: PCB & Semiconductors, Electrolysis & Hydrogen, Electrostatic precipitators, Metal Finishing, Marine, and Uninterruptible Power Systems.

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