Le Mans Hydrogen Bus Unveiled

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Le Mans Hydrogen Bus3

Unveiled Monday evening on the sidelines of the Weighing 24 Hours of Le Mans, the hydrogen fuel cell bus is available to discover all week on the esplanade of the Jacobins.

Le Mans Hydrogen Bus miniThe Businova (bus contraction and innovation) opens its doors to the inhabitants throughout this week before its commissioning scheduled for the end of the year.

“In 2019, we deliver our first buses in hydrogen version ,  confirms Emmanuelle Saux, communications and marketing manager of the company“The version chosen by the Setram will have a capacity of 92 to 100 passengers and a range of more than 300km thanks to a Michelin fuel cell of 30 kW” , details Emmanuelle Saux.

The vehicle that will carry a tank of 28 kg of hydrogen on its rear roof will be 100% zero emission . A hydrogen production plant currently under construction will be used to refuel the vehicle. Eventually, 10 hydrogen buses will run on the Setram network, making the city of Le Mans, the first French municipality with more than 100,000 inhabitants to have this type of zero-emission public transport.

Featuring innovative technology, the Businova also features a surprising design consisting of a bi-modular chassis. The energy pack located at the rear of the vehicle integrates the engine, the batteries. The other chassis is entirely dedicated to the passengers, with a raised space at the rear of the vehicle. This belvedere accessible by stairs, is a welcoming and bright space, which allows to enjoy a 360 ° panoramic view of the city.

Le Mans reaffirms its innovative character by also exhibiting an electric version of the Mancelle by Amédée Bollée and the replica of the Flyer III .


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