LEGO Design for Hexagon Purus Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck Systems

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Fuel Cells Works, LEGO Design for Hexagon Purus Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck Systems

Hexagon Group comprises of four companies well-known for their work in compressed gases hardware and services, where, among them, Hexagon Purus is dedicated to the hydrogen fuel cell-electric vehicle (FCEV) market.

Fuel Cells Works, LEGO Design for Hexagon Purus Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck Systems

Left: Truck’s power electronics is being added behind the cab by a talented technician; Right: Eric … DAVID BLEKHMAN VIA FORBES

Hexagon Purus is well known for its line of composite cylinders and systems for the transport of compressed hydrogen and the integration of those systems on vehicles and trailers. While the competition is limited to several hundred kg of hydrogen per trailer, the newest Hexagon offerings include 40-45 ft trailers with cylinder systems capable of 1164 and 1500 kg per trailer at 380 and 640 bar, respectively. In addition, Hexagon Purus has revealed its new product line for class 6 to 8 ZEV truck powertrains. As new ZEV truck mandates come to take hold in California, Hexagon aims to become a manufacturer for a small-series production of trucks for larger OEMs. It is anticipated that the hydrogen economy will take a decade or two to develop further, where OEMs can’t afford their individual all-out effort for a small run of trucks based on the completely new technology. That is where Hexagon Purus is coming into the picture to get the OEM over the hump. Hexagon Purus’ inspiration is to make LEGO like components that can be easily adopted to the truck frame and cab. Current production is located in a small facility in Ontario, CA, but is planned to move to a new facility with larger space where the production can be increased from several per batch to up to a few thousand per an OEM order. The OEM will supply its own frame and cab.

This is a niche market, where advanced engineering and innovation can thrive just shy of its own truck offering. Hexagon Purus started with its own design for the hydrogen fueling system of 30-60 kg with 4-6 tanks on board. Their new flagship system will hold to 74 kg with 4 tanks and up to 109 kg with 6 tanks. Many of these systems are already proven and integrated with truck OEMs that build their own trucks.

SOURCE: Forbes

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