Lexus and Mirai Fuel Cell Sedans Now Come with Advance Driver-Assist Technology

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April 12, 2021 |

Lexus Mirai with Advanced Tech

TOKYO – Toyota Motor Corp unveiled on Thursday new models of Lexus and Mirai in Japan, equipped with advanced driver assistance, as competition heats up to develop more self-driving and connected cars.

Toyota’s announcement comes at a time when manufacturers, hybrid vehicle startups, and engineering behemoths are pouring money through so-called active protection features.

The new Advanced Drive technology from Toyota includes a level 2 autonomous system that assists drivers with tasks such as keeping the car in its path, maintaining a safe distance from other cars, and shifting lanes under the driver’s control on expressways or other motor-vehicle-only routes.

The Lexus LS premium sedan went on sale on Thursday for between 16.3 million and 17.9 million yen ($148K), while the second-generation Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will go on sale on April 12 for between 8.4 million and 8.6 million yen. ($72K)



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