Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs Althusmann Calls for Toll Relief for Hydrogen Trucks

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Tolls In Germany
  • Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs wants to set up its own hydrogen office

Osnabrück--Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economics Bernd Althusmann calls for the toll exemption for fuel cell-powered trucks.

The report comes from the “New Osnabrücker newspaper”, citing a key issue paper of the Ministry, which is the hand of the newspaper. In it, the Althusmann proposes a toll relief to LNG and natural gas.

The Lower Saxony state government has high hopes for hydrogen as the energy of the future, both the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Affairs deal with the issue.

Hydrogen can be obtained from water by electrolysis using electricity and can then be processed directly or as synthetic natural gas or synthetic fuel. However, the technology is currently considered largely uncompetitive.

“Niedersachsen has the potential to become the land of the green hydrogen economy, and we have a high production of electricity from renewable energies and the necessary infrastructure for the storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen,” said the CDU politician of the “NOZ”.

Althusmann announced further steps to hydrogen production. “The Ministry of Economic Affairs wants to set up a one-stop-shop – a hydrogen office – to build a network of hydrogen economy for the companies in Lower Saxony and to coordinate joint activities and projects,” said Althusmann.

Source: New Osnabrück newspaper


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