M-Field and Dantherm Power Part of Danish Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles Project
M-Field and Dantherm Power Part of Danish Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles Project
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, November 24, 2015

Developing the next generation of fuel cells is the aim of a new project named HyFlexDrive where Dantherm Power, Aalborg University, CEMTEC and M-Field have joint forces. The Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP) has granted 9.69 million DKK to the project.

In collaboration with a number of companies placed in Northern Denmark such as Hedegaard Foods, Rockwool and Arla Foods, the project will aim at developing the next generation fuel cell systems. Ideally, HyFlexDrive will take an important step towards the commercialization of fuel cell systems for fork lifts by developing a more reliable-, cost competitive- and flexible product.

R&D opportunities and market expansion attract Taiwanese fuel cell specialist

Canadian-owned Dantherm Power will be the project leader with great experience within clean energy backup power systems, while Taiwanese M-Field contributes with its expertise within the development of fuel cell systems. M-Field has just recently set up an entity in Denmark to strengthen their overall R&D activities and expand business to the European market.

Invest in Denmark’s has assisted M-Field in the establishment process and Investment Manager Phoebe Chen from Invest in Denmark’s office in Taiwan explains:

“M-Field is one of the top leaders in the fuel cell industry in Taiwan and they were attracted by Denmark’s competences within fuel cell technology in terms of R&D opportunities. The fact that M-Field partners up in an ambitious fuel cell project less than a year after coming to Denmark is a clear sign that Denmark was the right choice. It is quite unique in Denmark how private companies can cooperate with partners from the public sector, research institutions and other companies to develop and test new products.”

“At the same time, Denmark offers a good base for doing business and expanding to more European markets which is also part of M-Fields objective.” 

Denmark is Ballard's European Hub

Ballard Power System already uses Denmark as their European hub. Since the investment in Dantherm Power in 2010, Ballard Power Systems has been expanding operations in Denmark and Dantherm Power now holds the only fuel cell system integration centre in all of Europe.

The company is an international enabler when it comes to the commercial application of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and Dantherm Power’s power solutions are found inside IT and telecom network base stations around the world. The HyFlexDrive project can potentially result in new products and market opportunities.