Magna International Introduces a Fuel Cell Range Extended Vehicle (FC REEV)
Magna International Introduces a Fuel Cell Range Extended Vehicle (FC REEV)
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 07, 2016

At the recent International Motor Symposium in Vienna, Magna presented the technology demonstrator vehicle FC REEV (fuel-cell range-extended electric vehicle). The pioneering vehicle combines hydrogen and electric drives and thus runs without any fossil fuels at all. In combined hybrid drive, the FC REEV has an impressive range of 500 km without refueling or recharging.

FC REEV: Fuel Cell Range Extended Electric Vehicle

Magna Steyr’s drivable demonstrator – the FC REEV – shows how very long ranges can be achieved at zero emissions. The drive concept using a fuel-cell range-extender can be built into any vehicle. A compact-size car, for example, can cover 90 km in purely electric mode and 500 km in combined hybrid operation without recharging or refueling – and without using fossil fuels. Magna Steyr built this drivable technology demonstrator as battery-driven electric vehicle with fuel-cell range-extender and all-wheel drive.

The FC REEV combines the advantages of two different alternative drives: fast fueling and the high-energy density of hydrogen as well as the available infrastructure for electric charging. The demo vehicle thus offers zero emissions and higher ranges at one and the same time. Furthermore, an electric all-wheel system enables the FC REEV to drive purely on electric power as priority with a fully charged battery. If the charge level is reduced, the fuel-cell switches itself on to recharge the battery and thus to increase the absolute range.