Mariestad Hydrogen Village, Investing in locally produced and stored hydrogen energy
Mariestad Hydrogen Village, Investing in locally produced and stored hydrogen energy
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Mariestad is investing in energy systems for localized hydrogen production of hydrogen

HydrogenVillage - system solutions for energy

Mariestad municipality has the ambition to become more self-sufficient in renewable, locally produced and stored energy. Therefore, we are developing and testing new sustainable energy systems that can create a more efficient, more reliable and environmentally-friendly energy supply over time. HydrogenVillage is one of the subprojects at Test and demonstration site Mariestad and is run by our local energy company VänerEnergi AB in cooperation with Mariestad municipality.

Gas station for hydrogen
The first step in the construction of this renewable energy system is a gas station for hydrogen, which was opened on January 31, 2017. The station is the fifth in Sweden for the refueling of hydrogen to passenger cars. It is strategically located next to the E20 at the entrance to the city and is a clear and important part of a European hydrogen corridor being under development. With this establishment and the possibility of refueling, it is possible to travel with a fuel cell car between Göteborg and Stockholm. As the number of hydrogen stations in Sweden, the Nordic region and Europe gradually increases, the market for fuel cell vehicles will increase and more will be able to buy cars powered by hydrogen. For demonstration purposes, Mariestad Municipality has invested in two fuel cell vehicles used daily in our own fleet of vehicles.

The investment in hydrogen gas stations is financed largely by the Västragötaland region and the EU, and to a small part of Mariestad municipality.

The municipal energy company VänerEnergi AB is responsible for the operation of the hydrogen station.

System solution for locally produced and stored electricity
The gas station is an important step in the energy supply system solution under construction in Mariestad. The next step in this venture is the construction of two new preschools that will cover all of their energy needs with solar and hydrogen energy. The schools are expected to be completed in 2019.

In parallel with this, we invest in an electrolysis tube for the hydrogen station to make the hydrogen itself locally. This will be much cheaper than buying gas in the market and we can also ensure that the electricity produced is 100% renewable. Excess heat generated by the electrolysis itself (process) can be stored and used for local power supply.

We also build a first smaller solar park next to the hydrogen station. Solar energy produced via the solar cells will be able to be stored in hydrogen and the surplus can be used in the district heating network or sold further. Solcellsparken is a first test and demonstration plant that is expected to be completed in spring 2018. When we see the outcome of this, there are thoughts about one or more full-scale solar parks in the city within a couple of years.