McPhy Energy accelerates its development and becomes McPhy
McPhy Energy accelerates its development and becomes McPhy
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 14, 2017

As the global worldwide energy transition becomes an irreversible reality  McPhy Energy has demonstrated the commercial potential of its offering in the burgeoning zero emission mobility and renewable energy storage markets. To set the stage for this new phase of sustainable accelerated growth, McPhy Energy becomes McPhy and adopts a new visual identity.

La Motte-Fanjas (France) - McPhy, the designer, manufacturer and integrator of hydrogen equipment for the energy and industrial sectors, has capitalized on the relevance of its solutions for monetizing surplus renewable energy and refueling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to address the new challenges of energy transition. The Group's new name and visual identity bolsters its position as a key industrial player in the hydrogen sector.

"We strongly believe that the hydrogen sector occupies a decisive position for the deployment of clean energies and meeting the challenges of the modern world: succeeding the energy transition by addressing the environmental and public health challenges as well as the requirements for economic performance by creating local value. This conviction is today emphasized and shared through our communications tools", explained Pascal Mauberger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

A new identity true to the McPhy's founding values and resolutely forward-looking

Streamlined to convey more energy, the new name becomes a full-fledged brand.

The logo's angle, symbolizing a company fully focused on energy was retained. The typography has been modernized. With a balance of sharp angles and curves, it incarnates both technical expertise and innovation, but also the close relationships that McPhy maintains with its customers and partners.

McPhy's historic blue colour was revisited with a deeper shade conveying the stability of the business project supported by the Group. A letter "M" logotype with colourful shades completes the graphic identity. Playful and modular, this marker is built by overlaying and combining colours. It reflects the diversity in the energy transition strategies deployed by energy specialist and flexibility of the tailored solutions provided by McPhy to address their priorities.