Mercedes-Benz electromobility and fuel-cell technology
Mercedes-Benz electromobility and fuel-cell technology
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 30, 2016

In combination with the plug-in technology, fuel-cell technology offers maximum convenience and efficiency.

Fuel-cell technology is an integral part of the drive system strategy at Daimler AG. Because the advantages are obvious: it offers a long range and short refueling times, as well as a wide range of possible applications from passenger cars to urban buses. A new vehicle generation based on the Mercedes-Benz GLC is being launched in 2017.

The Mercedes-Benz engineers have joined forces with partners in the Daimler specialist network to develop a new, compact fuel-cell system that fits into conventional engine compartments for the first time. The GLC F-CELL features a large lithium-ion battery - another innovation of the next-generation fuel-cell vehicles.

Rated at approx. 9 kWh, the battery acts as an additional energy source for the electric motor and can also be charged externally for the first time using plug-in technology. The combination of fuel-cell and battery system, together with a further advanced intelligent operating strategy, offers maximum efficiency and convenience. This setup enables the GLC F-CELL to achieve a combined range of around 500 km in the NEDC*.

* Real-world figures may differ from the certified standardized figures. The real-world figures are influenced by a number of individual factors, e.g. individual driving style, environmental conditions and route conditions.