Metacon and AGA Supply Hydrogen Station and Winter Testing in Arjeplog
Metacon and AGA Supply Hydrogen Station and Winter Testing in Arjeplog
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Metacon has, together with AGA Gas AB and Cartest in Arjeplog AB, arranged and received an order for a total commitment for hydrogen supply and a complete filling station for Cartest's customers. 

The order for Metacon includes the construction of a complete hydrogen gas station, hydrogen procurement and commissioning of the fuel cell fuel tank. The station is now in full operation, it works as planned and is used extensively in the testing operations, at temperatures down to - 35 degrees. It will be returned to Karlskoga after completion of the test season in Arjeplog and will be prepared for future assignments. Metacon has a multi-project request, and anticipates a significant market for this type of "Micro Petrol Station" for hydrogen.

That Arjeplog is the world's center for winter testing of vehicles is well known. The business is a billion industry, which includes winter climate testing of vehicles, components, brakes, tires, etc. from more than a hundred different automotive companies. Many of the leading vehicle manufacturers have begun the transition to fuel cell technology for the future's exhaust-free vehicles, and Metacon's delivery of hydrogen gasoline is an example that the car testing industry in Norrland is adapting to the hydrogen community.

The hydrogen for the intensive winter testing is provided by AGA Gas AB in standardized gas-related transport systems, which connects to Metacon's mobile hydrogen tanker for refueling directly adjacent to the car companies' separate test areas.

Cold Winter Testing of Hydrogen (Photo Credit: Hydrogen Sweden)

"We are pleased to be able to contribute hydrogen supplies in this exciting project, along with Metacon and Cartest. As the winter testing of fuel cell cars now becomes ever more intense, it is a clear indication that world-leading vehicle manufacturers are serious about their commitment to putting hydrogen-powered cars into large-scale production - and that is something we look forward to with great expectation, "says Ragnar Sjödal, business developer in hydrogen at AGA Gas AB.

For further information, please contact Slavica Djuric, IR Manager, tel. +46 (0) 76-765 47 33, Lennart Larsson, CEO, tel 070-546 53 29, or Kurt Dahlberg tel 070-3633110.

Briefly about Metacon AB (publ)

Metacon is an international energy technology company based in Sweden and located in Karlskoga, whose overall business idea is to commercialize small and medium-sized energy systems for the production of hydrogen, electricity and heat from primarily biogas. Metacon's system has been developed to provide maximum benefits for both society, the environment and owners. .