MeteRSit Meters in the First 100% Hydrogen Houses Developed by Northern Gas Networks in the UK

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The homes, scheduled for completion in May 2021, will only use hydrogen, enabling the public to interact directly with home appliances created autonomously by the best companies in the world. Also on display will be Worcester Bosch boilers, for which SIT has designed the safety valves working with hydrogen.

Sit has also built the safety valves for the Worcester Bosch Boilers, powered by hydrogen.

The MeteRSit company, a leader in the smart metering field, has developed prototype hydrogen meter systems that will be installed in the first hydrogen-powered houses.

These homes, which are in the process of construction at Low Thornley near Gateshead, in the north of England, are intended to showcase the use of household appliances and consumer systems for heating and cooking that run on hydrogen. They are expected to be completed by the end of May 2021.

Developed together with UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the project aims to develop an efficient, effective and safe method of generating hydrogen for private homes and commercial buildings. It is funded with a grant of £250,000 each for each partner.

The British Hy4Heat program has selected houses MeteRSit, the world leader in gas meter development, manufacturer, testing, along with the DomusNext® H2) meter, which will allow for the safe distribution of hydrogen thanks to the H2 meter reading capabilities.

“Competence, market knowledge and our ability to analyze consumer data with extreme precision are various factors that led us to be given such an important project both for SIT and for the pure electric sector”, said Federico de ‘Stefani, AD of SIT SpA.

“These homes represent an important milestone in developing an energy future driven by a more efficient and safe use of alternative gas, reading energy consumption data thanks to IoT, and self-regulating technological solutions. However, these factors can only be used effectively when consumer responsibility is applied.”

“Gas transport networks are safe, reliable, and adaptable to client needs. With 95 percent of Atlantic Network connected Brittany, we feel it makes sense to repurpose this vast infrastructure,” said Chief Executive Officer of Northern Gas Networks, Mark Horsley.

Stella Matthews, Business Development Manager at Northern Gas Networks, said: “We are very pleased that MeteRSit is part of our Hydrogen Home Project. By providing hydrogen utilities that include meters, we hope to reassure the public: hydrogen generates no carbon emissions, so we can continue to provide a safe and reliable gas supply. Hydrogen is responsible for more than 30% of carbon emissions, so using hydrogen does not contribute to those emissions.”



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