Microcab H2EV Set for Island Tour
Microcab H2EV Set for Island Tour
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 26, 2016

Island Echo--A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will embark on a challenging tour around the Isle of Wight tomorrow (Wednesday), visiting a number of schools along the way. 

The Microcab H2EV, the first hydrogen electric fuel cell vehicle on the island, will set off from Ocean Blue Quay, Ventnor at 08.30 before driving the 9.4km to its first port of call, Broadlea Primary School. The vehicle will then embark on a complete circle of the Island, visiting other schools and landmarks on the way including Greenmount Primary School; Osborne House; Summerfields Primary School; Newport Town Square; Carisbrooke College; Gurnard Primary School; Compton Bay and St Catherine’s Lighthouse, plus many other locations.

The school visits build on the hydrogen schools challenge that Arcola Energy carried out on the island over the last 2 years. 15 schools and a scout group have been visited involving over 1000 Isle of Wight children in workshops in which they have built and raced their own hydrogen fuel cell cars. This tour gives them a chance to see a larger sized vehicle with the same technology on board.

John Jostins, Managing Director of Microcab said:

“We are really looking forward to the Isle of Wight challenge.  It will give us the opportunity to test and challenge the vehicle in some very different conditions and allow us to visit a number of schools along the way, where we hope to inspire and educate local schoolchildren about the potential of using hydrogen as a clean and sustainable fuel.”

Ben Todd, Managing Director of Arcola Energy added:

“It is exciting for us to see this tour build on the work we have already been doing with schools on the Isle of Wight, helping to make the link from the kits in the workshops to the reality of a hydrogen vehicle on the roads, with our technology on board.”